Teeth Whitening Express is the ultimate cosmetic choice to put a sparkle in your smile.

Enjoy a professional in-salon treatment OR purchase our DIY Teeth Whitening Kit for use in the comfort of your own home.​

Located in Melbourne at a salon near you, we offer a professional teeth whitening service that is an effective and affordable way to brighten your smile!

Our In-Salon Treatments

Teeth Whitening Express is your No. 1 choice within the Cosmetic Beauty Industry. Allow us to put a sparkle on your smile which is affordable and budget friendly. 

Our in-salon service is a professional and affordable solution that allows you to choose from 4 different services that guarantee 100% satisfaction with amazing results that will be sure to leave an impression.

Our products have been carefully selected and we use a highly effective teeth whitening system. Your results will be immediate. Using a combination of lighting and hydrogen peroxide gel, results can be up to 14 shades lighter, leaving you with a dazzling and confident smile.

Our DIY Teeth Whitening Kits

Don’t have time for an in-salon treatment? No worries, at Teeth Whitening Express we have you covered. Our Teeth Whitening kits are safe, powerful, effective and easy to use. Get that perfect smile with whiter teeth all in the comfort of your own home.



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teeth whitening silver express

Silver Express

$79 ~ 15 minute treatment for those with regular treatments.

teeth whitening gold express

Gold Express

$129 ~ 30 minute treatment for a more confident smile. Our most popular!

teeth whitening platinum express

Platinum Express

$169 ~ 45 minute for the WOW factor.

teeth whitening diamond express

Diamond Express

$189 ~ 60 minute treatment up to 14 shades whiter.

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